Sarajevo Suit Hotel


Our Vision

We have taken our place as a new breath in City hotelhood with the contribution of the improvement in the tourism sector.

Even if there are many different success criteria for each Hotel, as a brand we believe that the real success of a hotel is the place in the eyes of its guests.

Therefore, the satisfaction of our guests will be on all kinds of discretion for us.


Our Mission


Our aim is to respond to the innovations of the era as a leading economic facility in our region with our innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach without compromising quality.




Our Logo: Lily (Latin: Lilies / Bosnian: Ljiljan):

 Lily figure has been used in the flags as emblems in many European countries such as Italy, France, England, Spain for centuries. The oldest discovered lily finds in Europe were found to be the most favorite flower in Roman ruins two thousand years ago near Sarajevo. In fact, the lily in Da Vinci’s code is the symbol of light and hope. We also see the same love in the gravestones of Ottoman times, and especially in the mosque, in the decorative architecture of the lily symbol. Lily is the symbol of purity, rightfulness and spiritual power all through history.